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Bonsai Care and Maintenance

  •  Bonsai Sitting: $1 daily per tree.

   Leave your Bonsai in our hands, and we'll maintain it while you enjoy your trip!

  •  Trimming (all sizes): $5/per tree 

  •  Repotting per tree (Soil included):

     Up to 6-inch pot - $10

     Up to 10-inch pot - $15

     Up to 20-inch pot - $25

     22-inch pot and up - $35

    For same day service, we suggest contacting us and scheduling by call or text message


  •   Wiring/ Styling (Wire included): 

       $50 minimum per Bonsai (Prices may vary depending on Bonsai size and age).                                   (Appointment required)

        * Valid for one Bonsai

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